China is the 2022 World Team Champion

by Assi Philosoph The World Team Championship has come to an end and China is the new champion. The team started the duel against the Olympic gold medal holders – the team of Uzbekistan – with an important win out of the 2 matches, with Bai scoring on the 3rd board against Vokhidov. In the […]

China to face Uzbekistan in the final

by Assi Philosoph First round – two ties The four semi-finalists decided to keep the audience excited until the very end, tying both matches. In Spain vs China, Anton won against Xiangyu and Li won against Santos Ruiz. And in India vs Uzbekistan Narayanan defeated Vokhidov but Vakhidov defeated Sethuraman. All the other 4 games […]

Day 4 leaves us with 4

by Assi Philosoph The quarter-finals started today, bringing lots of excitement as losing a match means being knocked out of the tournament. The teams and the players had to take difficult decisions in critical moments. Taking too many risks might result in the disqualification of the team and playing too cautiously could be not enough […]